Welcome to the gallery! All works displayed are by Faith Humphrey Hill.

Sketchbook Selections:

Knit Paintings:

The Knit Painting series is created through several steps of reconstruction.
Initially the portraits are rendered freehand in a realistic style using digital drawing tools.  The images are then reconstructed into a knitting pattern, where knit gauge and colored yarn is selected. Each portrait is then ready to be executed as a knit piece.
They are created flat using a unique knitting technique that combines intarsia, fair isle, and reverse knitting. This textured and colorful knit portrait is then photographed and consumed by the viewer either digitally or printed in limited edition. 
Creating connections is the dominate concept behind this series.  The knit medium was selected because it’s a form of fiber arts that everyone owns and has held close to their being. Knit is a texture that provides memories of warm socks, cozy baby blankets, and grandma’s hands dancing between yarn and needles. The textural memory adds familiarity to an unfamiliar face.  Viewing the work digitally or by print keeps the final image connected to its digitally created roots while allowing the knit texture to remain present.