A Month With Less

A slightly different post today as I catch up on our recent move and how it's impacted my approach to art-making. I've mentioned before that I've moved my drawing to digital tools using the Procreate App, my iphone, and ipad. I thought I'd share how that came to be.


Drawings From This Week

August is just one of those times where I feel a bit disjointed. My schedule can change from week to week making fitting in some art time tricky. When I sat down to write this post I was worried I wouldn't have anything to share but as I swiped through my files I realized I actually got some art stuff done!

Happy Birthday: Terese Agnew

"All good art has craft in it.  To me the term craft has more to do with an approach to medium–opening up more possibilities for the form of a work to relate to the subject in a way that is not arbitrary. That's a plus no matter what you call it."~Terese Agnew

New Drawings & Videos

The past couple weeks have been very busy with a move/downsizing, but I did manage to get a couple drawings done. I love drawing so much and really want to do more so I'm thinking of taking on a drawing challenge for August?! Here are a couple pieces I completed. Their process can be seen on my youtube channel.

Happy Birthday: Karen Arawjo and Helen Soreff

Basket maker Karen Arawjo and minimalist painter Helen Soreff were both born on July 18th. I like to feature women artists in my Happy Birthday series because historically female artists have received less recognition than their male contemporaries. I've had trouble finding information on some of the artists I've chosen to feature but usually can find enough for a post. Today, however, I could find very little about these two artists. 

Avocado Yarn Dying

Last week I attended an avocado party. Yeah it was just that, a night of avocado decorations, colors, and an entire menu featuring the fruit. The host [who is the absolute best :) ] saved the pits and skins for me to dye yarn with. Here are the results...