Live Stream Drawing

Today, I did another Twitch Creative Live Stream. It was super fun because the viewers gave me some helpful feedback on my drawing while I worked on it! I really enjoy sharing my studio practice and demystifying the art-making process.

Happy Birthday: Miriam Schapiro

"So I think what’s been neat about my life is that I am totally aware that all my experiences come together in the studio, and afterwards I could branch out and share whatever it was that developed from the work in the studio. I could share it with others, and I did that in many, many ways." -Miriam Schapiro



Today I watched Eureka, The Art of Being on Amazon Video. The film is centered around Eureka Springs, Arkansas which is a small town with a large percentage of the population being artists. Those interviewed speak on artistic experience and the impact a creative community has on their artwork.

Art Randomizer

What's up with this week!? Yesterday's "messy" post; and today I'm going to share a random assortment of art projects that are in various stages of development. Ah well, onto this weeks creations!