This week I continued to experiment with patterns from old art books. This time it was bobbin lace. This is sooo fun, I know I say that about all mediums I experiment with but this is awesome! It's much easier than it looks and the creations are small and delicate. Like punch needle you can create your own images with bobbin lace. Because I love drawing, recreating my renderings in a different medium is very appealing.

I first saw bobbin lace at a living history museum. I thought it looked really interesting so last summer I bought myself a beginner set and produced a couple samples. When I started Dartily, bobbin lace was on the short list of mediums I wanted to explore further. I was thrilled to find this book and use it as an opportunity to break out my supplies and learn more. Turned out the set and the book were both by Kaethe Kliot.

Below is the bobbin lace set up I put together.

The board came with the set, I just covered it in pretty fabric. When making bobbin lace the bobbins are worked in pairs so I painted the ends so I could easily find the partners. I housed all the associated supplies in a table top easel I already had. Obviously, making art is important to me and anytime I can take it with me is a huge bonus. If I wanted to take this project with me I would just fold down the easel and cover the bobbins and project with fabric.

Above, are the sample grounds I made and below is my progress on the final lesson from the book on edging.

I learned very quickly that straight pins are the way to go, ha ha ha.

Here are some inspiring paintings that feature bobbin lace making. 

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