This week I continued working in bobbin lace. My journey through the first few bands of stitches can be found here. I had such a good time I decided to increase the difficulty with a lace border. 

The lace border was originally patterned as a single length of edging, but I wanted to experiment with turning my work and connecting a pattern. So I made extra copies and joined them into a frame.

The tightness of the corners isn't the cleanest, and if you look closely you can see the first corner ended up wonky as I learned how best to pin the thread. Working the corners gave me experience turning the work which wasn't the easiest with the shape board I have. When turned horizontally it isn't snug between the canvas supports on the travel easel. And it would have been nice to clamp the board in place somewhere in between the vertical and horizontal position when working the rounds of the corners. If I choose to work another piece that requires turning I'll make an octagonal shaped board big enough to fit snuggly between the upper and lower stretcher supports of my travel easel. 

Otherwise the travel easel was awesome! It was warm the other day and I took my lacemaking outside. It was glorious! The easels handle is the same as the top of the work so the bobbins continue to hang nicely. A little pinning of fabric over the work and some pins between the bobbins kept everything in place. My favorite thing about the set up is having all the supplies in that right hand drawer. 

I learned a few more skills while working this piece. Because it became a bigger pattern (outside dimension about 8.5" square) I ran out of thread on some of the bobbins so I learned how to add and remove bobbins. I also learned how to join my work. For my first attempt at joining I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm really excited about this medium and it's inspiring a lot of ideas for me. I've found some more historic patterns online so I'm going to put together a little curriculum for myself so I can learn a bunch of different stitches and techniques. After that I want to recreate some of my original drawings in lace!!! Yay!!!