I continued my journey into bobbin lacemaking this week. I've designed a curriculum for myself to learn the various techniques.

The goal is to develop the skills needed in order to apply the medium to my own imagery. I found the test patterns here.

I put together this pile of little stitch samplers to practice the basics.

I then put together this longer bookmark. The real lesson here was working from a traditional pattern and experimenting with thin sewing thread. This was so fun and I loved the deep teal-ish green color of that thread. However, the thread is so thin it's tricky to find where you are in the pattern. Also, I learned that my tension should be tighter.

The bottom one is the piece I started yesterday. This is much thicker thread and the piece is closer to 8" square. I'm dreaming about this one, I just can't wait to finish it! I thought I'd prefer the super thin thread but this thicker thread is so much easier to work with and I really like being able to see the stitches. I'll post more on this piece next week and hopefully I'll have a few more pieces finished!