As quantum moments tend to be: I hadn't heard of this artist and now I've heard them referred to two times in the past three months. With artwork perfect for halloween, let's appreciate some art by Edward Gorey.

When I looked him up, I felt a familiarity to his work. I knew I must have seen it before. A quick search online and... of course! He did the opening sequence of the show MYSTERY! on PBS! I actually really liked the animation as a kid but was disappointed when the actual show started.

Edward Gorey was an illustrator, author, and animal welfare supporter. You can find more about his charitable efforts and his house museum here.

While, I'm not a fan of scary subjects I can appreciate his work as a commentary or spoof on the dark fairy tales of the victorian era and before. Of course his compositions, renderings, values, and attention to detail are just spectacular! Here are some of my favorite pieces by the artist that tend to lean more toward the surreal.

"Ideally if anything were any good, it would be indescribable."