I love learning new art mediums but I'll always NEED a little drawing time.

I've decided to give my knitting needles a small break and instead bust out my little sketchbook when I need some creativity on the go. I don't have those little sketches to share today but I do have two 18" x 24" charcoal pieces from this week. Both are based on images I found on Sktchy.  I really recommend the app to anyone who likes to work representationally especially if you enjoy doing portraits. (you can find me there as Dartily)

The way it works is people post pictures that can be used as reference photos. Anyone can browse through these pictures and add them to their drawing queue. When you complete a piece inspired by one of the photos you connect your piece to it. When you scroll through the home page you see everyone's artwork and if you swipe right you can see the reference photo.

If you're a representational artist it gets boring drawing the people in your household and you feel creepy using peoples pictures from social media. So this app is awesome! It's also artist to artist so the viewers understand that sometimes you're going for a likeness and sometimes you're being expressive. The artist community on there provides good support and feedback.