Yay! I made myself a pair of mittens.

As mentioned here I learned how to make mittens but they were too small. I gave those to my youngest but wanted to make a adult size that would fit me. I also wanted to perfect the pattern. I didn't like the approach to the end of the fingertips and the way the thumb was attached. My edits for adult mittens worked great!

Both sets of mittens were made with yarn I recycled from an old sweater. The pattern is from a retro pattern book a friend gave me. 

I love the ingenuity of using old or found objects when making things!

These were so fun to make! In the future, I'd like to learn how to dye the yarn I'm recycling so I can have more options and I'd like to make more mittens with cables and color-work. I've done cables before and didn't find it especially difficult.