Finally, finished this project that has been sitting around untouched for months.

I wrote about it the first time way back in April! The design was inspired by a drawing a former intern of mine had made. It reminded me of a summer camp. I received her permission to use it as inspiration for an art piece and made good progress on it at the time. Then, for whatever reason, I wasn't feeling inspired to return to it. This past week I figured I needed to make a decision to either finish it or recycle the material. I don't love the piece but I'm really happy I had the experience making it.

Traditionally with punch needle you wouldn't let the fabric show and you wouldn't show the reverse of the stitch as I have here in the white "water" and blue-green "umbrella".  I just love the finger print like pattern it makes.

I'm excited to move forward using the medium for more art pieces like this one:

...Or, a mini version of one of these patterns. I really like the mermaid and fish!