Starting Dartily this year has been so amazing! I've been fueled by learning new things and have never ending inspiration for art projects. My family has been urging me to go a step further by combining vlogs (video-blogs) into the website.

I enjoy several vlogs by knitters and illustrators and my boys watch gaming vlogs. Most of these are partaking in "vlogmas", where they post a short vlog a day throughout the month of December leading up to Christmas. 

I like learning new things by making it a routine for a while. The fast pace keeps me moving forward instead of dwelling on my newbie mistakes. So this daily vlogging thing sounded fun! Vlogmas it is! 

While many vloggers post short (~5-10 min) day in the life videos, I decided I wanted to make a project out of it. Really make the experience more of a performance/collaborative art piece. So I've taken the advent calendar that most vlogmas videos include, and turned it into the centerpiece of the series.

My boys found random little stuff around the house and put them in small gift boxes. Each day, I open a box and am tasked with creating an ornament that incorporates the items they've selected. I've made two so far and while it's always hard to try something new it's also been a lot of fun!