Yay! I'm almost done with Vlogmas. I'm so happy I did that. Here's why and what's next....

One of my goals with Dartily is to keep myself accountable to get out and experience art. Go to art fairs, museums, exhibitions, public art, and make art around town. While I've certainly done such things I think they would be best shared on Dartily in a video/vlog format as opposed to my normal written/blog post.

I had way too many hang ups about video to jump in and get started vlogging as I had envisioned. I figured participating in vlogmas would get me used to the process very quickly. You know, like doing daily sketches. By participating in Vlogmas I very quickly learned:

  • how to use youtube
  • the ins and outs of my camera and editing software
  • how many times I say "um" or "soooo" 
  • to accept how I look and sound on video
  • how I want my weekly vlogs to look and feel
  • the efficiency of my studio has been put to the test...
  • ...as has my creative problem solving skills

I'm feeling more comfortable with the entire process now and am really excited to take all I've learned to create weekly vlog videos in addition to my written/blog posts. I envision my weekly vlogs to function and look quite different than my vlogmas series. There won't be a set goal for each video instead it will feature works in progress, art experiments, and art found out and about. However, this has been so much fun I'll likely do a couple little series again. Sets of videos where I tackle art challenges. Probably a series for inktober (artists draw in ink throughout all of October) and a uncompleted resolution crash course for vlogmas 2017....we shall see.

The video above is probably one of my favorites for a few reasons. I found myself in the classic artist dilemma, where the project takes a wrong turn and you have to completely start over. And because my 2nd grader makes an appearance and says "abominable". It's adorable!