I was thrilled that even with the kids on winter break from school I was able to produce a couple large drawings. 

Both drawings were inspired by images I found on sktchy, and are approximately 18" x 24" charcoal. The paper was acquired at an estate sale so I don't know the brand but it's a low tooth drawing paper. Aside from animal portraits, I've been doing a lot of female portraits lately so this week I wanted to mix it up a bit by choosing male subjects. These drawings are a little sharper than some of my other drawings, and I'm enjoying the look and process. My natural drawing tendency is to get really tight. Working this way in charcoal, which is naturally a "dirty" medium, I think balances it out. I can work tight and still get an expressive mark.

New year's is this weekend and one of my goals is to produce two large drawings a week in 2017. I want to further develop my drawings, experiment, and do more portraits. I would do it everyday again as I did in 2012 but I have 5 additional art goals I also want to accomplish in 2017. More about those another day.

Happy New Year!