I recently partnered with the Arts Of Life. They're an amazing non-profit that provides art studio space and exhibition opportunities to adults with intellectual disabilities. There are about 60 artists creating from 9-3:00pm M-F. Each has their own work station and their own artistic goals.

"We are people with and without disabilities creating an artistic culture to realize our full potential." -Arts of Life

There is sooo much that is awesome about this non-profit but something that struck me was this is a hidden jewel for art purchases! Many of the pieces would look amazing in different home decor, you wouldn't tire of looking at them, you'd have a great story behind the piece to share, and they're reasonably priced. The absolute best part the money from purchasing the work is split between the non-profit and the artist. So it's a win win win! 

Check out these stunning creations:

cover image by Tim Stone