When I'm off doing things on a weekend Stephen (my husband), and Andy and Spencer (my sons) usually create something awesome from nothing.

Recently, they chose plastic shopping bags as their inspiration as they created a hand kite and a parachute.



  • shopping bags
  • scissors
  • coat hangers
  • pliers
  • flagging tape
  • clear packaging tape
  • string
  • dowel or stick for the handle. the cardboard tube at the end of a dry cleaning hanger would work well too.


  • bend the wire hanger into the desired shape, a half circle shape works well
  • wrap the shopping bag around the hanger and attach with the clear packaging tape
  • attach the string to the coat hanger body of the kite and then again to the handle
  • finally, get fancy with the flagging tape as the tail

The hand kites are super awesome because they don't have the opportunity to get as tangled as a normal kite does and you have a lot more control over it. So it's kind of like a dance ribbon.



Spencer spearheaded this project!




  • 3 plastic shopping bags
  • wire
  • clear packaging tape
  • a toy who wants to go for a ride



  • tie one handle from each bag to a handle of another bag. so that you end up with all three bags attached to each other.

  • then add wire to the middle to keep the openings spread apart

  • add packing tape to connect the inside openings of the bags to help catch more air... as Rocket demonstrates

  • adding tape to the outside edge of the bag openings help them stay open and catch more air
  • add a little toy friend and head to the nearest playground to test out your creations!

Happy creating!