We participated in the art installation mentioned in this post, where we turned a house set for demolition into a piece of art. A nautical theme emerged from all the water topics surrounding the event:

  • the house was being demolished to remedy the basement flooding issues in the community
  • the house will be replaced by a retention pond
  • the event was a birthday celebration for the homeowner who is a pisces

I must say it was one of my favorite art-making experiences! I honestly don't think I've seen so many people who wouldn't consider themselves artistic enthusiastically join in an art-making session. It was refreshing to be at a party where the crowd wasn't around the food table but instead around the table full of art supplies.

Detail of living room wall

Detail of living room wall

I'm certain the environment contributed to the level of participation. It helped that the event was in a home and everyone knew at least someone else there.  

Detail of dining room wall by Stephen