Someone once told me that between knitting and crochet people tend to prefer what they learned second.

This is true for me. I learned crochet first then knitting, but prefer knitting. I was talking to a crochet artist recently and that was true for them too...they had learned knitting first.

That artist also described the love of the pattern in crochet. For me it's the dance of the fingers in knitting that has won me over. I just love feeling the yarn pull through my fingers and how I can not knit for months and the muscle memory will kick in and its automatic again.

Oh.... and I love it when the two needles hit each other while I'm knitting and they make a tiny tap sound!

Spencer detailing his crochet bracelet.

The other night I taught Spencer (my son) how to crochet. It just seemed easier to walk through the movement of one hook than to explain the two needles. He was frustrated at first but then got the hang of it. I hope he tries again because it would be awesome to collaborate with him on a yarn bomb piece!