Tattoo art is a medium I think is majorly under represented in the fine art world. It's not taught in most -if any- art schools but many of my former art school classmates have made nice careers as tattoo artists. I've also had several tattoo artists refine their skills in classes at both the museum and community art center I worked in.

Recently, I've met with an amazing tattoo artist, Eric Spruth. Eric along with his wife Sarah are the founders of Sacred Transformations the first non-profit tattoo parlor. 

They mix art therapy with tattoo art! An interested client must go through an intense therapy session and several revisions for their design before they receive the tattoo. Being a non-profit clients aren't charged for the tattoo.

At Sacred Transformations they approach the process as more than just adding or altering a tattoo they see it as an opportunity for personal growth and a fresh awesome!

Their programs are well rounded. They include one that teaches teens about tattooing. They warn them of unhygienic methods of getting a tattoo and they help them truly understand what it means to permanently mark yourself. 

They work with women who are marked from human trafficking, abuse and cancer. 

They also work with our veterans and those with gang and prison tattoos.

A good place doing good things....check them out!