I try to, wait no... I have to do something creative everyday. Sometimes I knit, prepare an art lesson, try a new medium, play art games, or go back to one of my favorite mediums...charcoal. 

I'm sure many little projects will make their way onto Dartily. Here's a piece I made the other day featuring my dog Rocket. I'm experimenting with adding oils onto charcoal drawings.

Many people consider drawings just a "sketch" or "unfinished" but I think they can be just as powerful as a finished piece as a canvas full of paint. Sometimes though, I want to add just a little color and texture with oils onto my drawings.

I found this awesome oil paper. It's texture is like Arches drawing paper so it's good and thick with a nice tooth. It works well with the charcoal. A unique feature is that, unlike a stretched canvas I can cut the paper to size or crop the image so it's exactly how I like it. Also, it works well for what I'm trying to do since I like to have negative space and (even though it shouldn't matter) I just don't think I can bring myself to have sections of gesso'd canvas blank without paint.

I worked from a picture I had of Rocket. He was lying perfectly still on the bed but I thought his pose was so animated I could imagine him jumping in the air, or dancing with hulla hoops, ha ha ha. He seemed like a good subject for this little exercise.

Enjoy the video!