The puppet class mentioned here and here is in it's final weeks so I spent a fair amount of time this past weekend tying up the loose ends. 

  • I edited the audio for the performance: During last week's class I recorded the children's voices for the narration. I figured it will be easier to record the narration instead of trying to coordinate the children's puppet performances with doing narration at a mic. The recording will also make a video of the performance easier to produce for parents who can't attend.
  • I worked on the body of the Chinese Dragon inspired puppet. The body consists of white plastic safety fencing with heavy white cotton over it. The past two classes the kids decorated the body and the head (which my co-teacher has and is adding eyes to). This weekend I finished adding red felt fringe and tacked the cotton onto the safety fencing.
  • In one of the earlier weeks the children made shadow puppets with black construction paper and skewers. These are tiny puppets but we're trying to get all the projects into the performance. So over the weekend I tested a large scale rear projection. I used an old-school over head projector and a shower curtain suspended from a backdrop frame. I was thrilled that it worked really well.
  • The final puppet project I worked on was figuring out all the details for this weeks project. We knew we wanted to do a marionette but didn't know exactly what kind of supplies we wanted to use. So this weekend I sourced out supplies at the dollar store. I was so excited to put together this puppet for under $4 and that it doesn't have too many different techniques for construction. The children will be mostly weaving and knotting. The puppet consists of a basket for the body, a take out box for the head, sparkly garland, feather boa, pipe cleaners, some yarn, and a coat hanger. The final version will have paper bowls for the feet instead of the mesh you see here. I'm really happy with it and think it turned out super cute!