As mentioned here I've been doing some art experiments. I want to mash up my love for charcoal rendering with my interest in needlework.

At the end of that post I mentioned an interest in taking advantage of the fabric base that provides more movement and fluidity than paper or canvas. I'm pleased with this attempt, it's more direct and has a clearer purpose than the others. The application of the mediums just make more sense to me.

I think in my next attempt I'll set the needle longer, and cut the loops. Then the thread will be a soft fuzzy fringe instead of loopy. I might also try a thread that is similar in color to the background so the piece is all about the shadows.

My next project was this temari:

I'll write another post sometime detailing the history of these because it's so interesting. In short they are embroidered thread balls that are typically very geometric. This is my first attempt at a representational temari and it was SOOO fun to make!

The inspiration was a picture I had taken at the amusement park, you can see it here. I wanted to distort the image and express the dizzying effect of the roller coasters. 

This was my first attempt at mixing base color threads like this and it was very relaxing and fun. In the bottom image you can see a more subtle attempt with a light blue over the vibrant blue.