Sometimes the universe just seems to deliver related information. In our house we call these quantum moments, and I find they happen more frequently when I've been on a roll artistically. Likely because that's when I'm really open to new information.

This gif came across my screen...

Then today was all about the Red Ball as a symbol for childlike play, creativity, and imagination.

This piece by Kurt Perschke was on exhibit in Chicago several years ago. I missed seeing it in person but I like how fun and playful it is and when you think of the red rubber ball as a symbol for creativity it's awesome to see it larger than life and in unexpected places.

Then there's this book I had heard about by Kevin Carroll, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball.

In it the author encourages readers to find and follow their passions through a series of 7 steps.

1) Commit to it; 2) Seek out encouragers; 3) Work out your creative muscle; 4) Prepare to shine; 5) Speak up; 6) Expect the unexpected; 7) Maximize the day

On the site you can also download a pdf that features 7 exercises to help people find their passion. I think this could be easily applied toward artists in reflecting on the direction of their work.

I was hoping to see some temari's on this page from the book, ha ha ha. I do love the text on this page, "Commit to your passion, and adversity won't derail you."