We went estate sale shopping and I picked up this little cartoon creator made in 1943 by the Cartooning Exchange.

I didn't really understand how it works so I looked it up and learned that it originally would have been accompanied by a sheet dictating the shape of the different parts. (head 1 might be a football shape, head 2 a circle, etc...) So then, as you spin and add the designated shape you'd end up with a different character.

In the process of researching I found these other cartoons about art.

The one below is a panel of a bigger piece, but I like this image as it is. So true for me...the solution to everything is...Make Art!

This contemporary cartoon feels so true as well. 

Clearly this is an older cartoon explaining the history of American Art. My favorite part is "the best way to escape all this is to paint yourself". Then it provides blank leaves so you can add your artist friends to the image.