Who didn't grow up wanting an awesome tree house!?  I didn't get one but when I had my yard professionally landscaped several years ago, I requested a tree to be climbed or played in.

I got this cute little guy! As it grew taller Stephen and I decided it needed to be a fort. So we trimmed the branches to create an entry way. Then I yarn bombed it! This is the 2nd round of knitting for it after the first round had been up for a few years and looked a little tired.

Yarn bombing is super easy. Measure your item, knit a large swatch for it, then just stitch it on. As you can see here I twisted mine up the tree so I really just made a big long scarf. Yarn bombing is awesome to knit when you can't decide what you want to make next, you want to knit something super simple, or if you enjoy knitting poolside like me. You wouldn't want chlorine or sunscreen on a wearable knit. Couple tips: Use acrylic yarn, don't tie it on your tree too tight and use bright colors. The bright colors make a more dynamic statement and they fade less.

I also have pictured here a little stool the boys and I made for the tree. A large old tree in the backyard was struck by lighting so we had to have part of it removed. We saved a few tree rings from the removed section. I transferred drawings by the boys onto the rings, wood burned the image, covered it in polyurethane and added some simple little hairpin legs.

We love our little tree fort! Around halloween in becomes a monster and in the summer there's twinkly lights and kids running through it. Then there's the magical one spring week when it's covered in little white flowers.