I love to draw! Sometimes I have a concept, sometimes I just love getting lost in the details of rendering: reflections, shadows etc.., other times it feels like the only way I can explain what I'm thinking. It seems there's a lot more to drawing than an art piece. I know I'm not alone here:

  • I've known kids who have had sketching in class included on their IEP.
  • My 1st grader got in trouble earlier this year because he draws all over his seat-work. Thankfully we have a good school system that allows him to keep a sketchbook on his desk. 
  • When we go to the science museum we draw what we see because I've noticed when we draw we can't leave out major mechanical elements.

I heard this podcast today from Indiana's NPR. On it they describe the benefits of drawing to increasing our overall creativity. Because when we draw we sketch it out, then inspect our drawing, think of ways to improve the image, then produce a new drawing with changes etc... It's a big loop letting us break apart solutions that would be too complex if stuck in our minds. 

Then I read this article about drawing and how how we think. In it they present four elements to drawing that improve our memory:

  1. elaboration

  2. visual imagery

  3. motor action

  4. pictorial representation

Thebigdraw.org is an international campaign for drawing. Mostly geared towards schools they encourage everyone to draw and do so throughout life. I especially liked this video of theirs that includes a mathematician who uses drawings to help explain formulas he's working on. 

I might need to start a big draw project in the kids school and here on Dartily come October, hmmmm