I was at a Dr. appointment with my son the other day. It took ffooorreevveerr. My son asked for his sketchbook and started killing time drawing. By the time the Dr. came in he had finished a nice little drawing.

Ugh! I thought, what's wrong with me!? I had my sketchbook with me but didn't break it out.

I have a few theories: 1. I didn't want to get into "flow" state then be interrupted 2. I wouldn't know what to draw given the boring environment 3. worried about the jinx as soon as I would get excited about my drawing the Dr. will come in and I'll have a hard time revisiting the drawing later.

I knew I was going to need to revisit my sketching strategy. With time outside this summer, small road trips, and lots of inspiration these days, sketching is going to be super helpful for me.  Plus, Drawing is Awesome!

This is what my travel sketchpad system is and I like it. It's super small and it holds all my pencils and when you prop it up you can put your phone on the other side which is awesome if you're working from a photo you took.

What I needed to change was to stock up on the proper supplies: variety of pencils, small sketchbooks etc... I also needed to really think about why I draw and how I want to use my sketchbook. I spent some time this past weekend looking at my drawings and thinking about what I'm most drawn to documenting in the world around me.

My goal is to have lots of full little sketchbooks that I can share here on Dartily.