Every year I get the opportunity to learn the most amazing and random fact from the cutest little 1st-3rd graders. It's Learning Goal Fair time! All the little one's stand by their research and share with the grown ups everything they learned. I learned about panda's, Mt. Rushmore, teeth, and how tv's work.

Leaned against the board was a presentation by a student in Spencer's 1st grade class about her great-grandfather. The student wasn't there but I snapped a picture to research later because.... her great-grandfather was an artist!

Turns out he's not just any artist but one of the most important and influential artists of the Philippines. He was most active between the 30's-early 60's. He studied in New York for a period where he was influenced by impressionists and cubism. His paintings are romantic portrayals of rural life. His use of light is quite nice being off to the side and offering a nice glow behind the subjects.

Fernando Amorsolo is considered the "Grand Old Man of Philippine Art". His family has a nice website here.

I'm so thrilled that my art history knowledge was expanded by a little 1st grader!