I love my art studio!!!

When I decided to start Dartily I knew I needed a dedicated work space that was more comfortable than I had before. So I moved my studio from the workshop space in our detached garage (below) to the first room of our house (above). The studio is separated from the living room by a door so I can close it when I'm not working or want to keep my favorite little studio partner (Rocket) out of my projects. My drawing horse and easel are just past that door in the living room.

It might seem unusual to have a room that could get really messy as the first thing people see, but we really REALLY love art in the Hill house. We finally realized that art messes are the kind of messes we want to make and the kind we don't mind seeing.

So the workshop space in the garage is now dedicated to big construction art projects. Anything that involves woodworking or welding etc... This studio is where I work and houses supplies for painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber arts, and kid projects. Big surplus loads of supplies stay in our attic (e.g. broken bike parts or piles of fabric etc...) For storage these Art Bins are my absolute favorites. You can see I have 6 of the cubes and they stack above each other to a nice counter height. I have a ridiculous amount of supplies in them and they are so tidy!!!

Because art-making is reflective and hard to schedule it's important to have a dedicated space that's comfortable, convenient, and organized. Last summer, I helped 2 artists set up their studios and last week I helped my friend build out a studio in her new house. I've very interested in artists and the production of their work so it's been a pleasure helping them build a creative space.