I love tiny artwork but I also have a soft spot for Public Art. It's a tricky art form because it includes so many logistical concerns:

Orly Genger

  • it needs to hold up to the elements
  • not hurt people, animals or the environment
  • raise questions and initiate discussion without offending huge populations
  • needs to fit within space and budget
  • consider how light will reflect off of it...will the sun shine off and blind someone at a nearby business or drivers of passing cars
  • will kids climb it
  • will it attract graffiti
  • if on a sidewalk, can wheel chairs pass it without a problem
  • can the piece be viewed appropriately from the site where it will be installed
  • then who will install it, who will maintain it etc...

Mags Harris and Lajos Heder

There's a lot of limitations but once those get figured out, a piece of public art can have a major impact on a community. They become landmarks that welcome us home, give a community an identity, and introduce our community to newcomers.

My favorite thing about public art is that it's the most accessible art form. It's the ultimate art for everyone. Viewers aren't limited by ticket prices, operating hours, or buzzing a door to get in. 

This post showcases some awesome public art coming the summer of 2016 to several cities around the U.S. I really only scratched the surface on this one....I think I'm going to need to do a second post :)

I encourage you to click the links under each image to learn more about them, these artists are engaging communities and addressing issues in really creative ways! Enjoy!