Quite a bit of art was created in the studio this week.

  • I developed my sketching strategy and started filling my sketchbook.
  • I continued progress on my large punch needle piece.
  • I completed another temari inspired by this picture from the amusement park.

The temari featured a couple new experiments. I wanted to continue using the colored thread to add more dimension and gradient. I also wanted to experiment with monofilament on the temari.

I'm really happy with the effect. I especially love how the pale grey and light purple are subtle next to the green base and the monofilament that is covering the entire piece.

I learned in the process that even though I was using a thin monofilament that it was still a bit too thick and I'd rather use one that behaves a bit more like thread. I'd also be curious how a colored monofilament would look. The monofilament adds a subtle sparkle in the light and a nice smooth texture.

I think my next piece will continue the experiments with gradual colors and the monofilament. I envision a piece that's almost cat eye marble-like or maybe even planetary.