It feels like art just gets bigger and bigger. Sometimes it makes perfect sense given the concept of the work but other times it feels unrelated to the concept. As if it's big just to get noticed.

Here's some small art inspirations where scale is playing a key role:

Before photography miniature paintings were kept to remember loved ones.

This piece below is just beautifully done!

I love this portable museum by Duchamp. A couple years back I did a project inspired by this piece with a class of 3rd graders. It was all about putting your inspirations into a small box you could carry with you and look at whenever you needed a little thoughtful boost.

These sculptures by Kendal Murray are an awesome thoughtful take on miniature. I like how she's incorporating objects we have a history of interacting with. This connects our memories to the narrative she's presenting. Because they are small it feels less intimidating to be self reflective when looking at her work.