I always thought quilling looked super cool. Such simple materials turning out such pretty delicate designs. Inspired, I thought it might make for a cool art project for the kids this summer. Here's the progress of my example project:

I wanted to try a lesson on monogram quilling and saw a demo where the letter was drawn in reverse, then the paper strips follow the line and are pinned along the way. After being pinned you apply glue to the top edge of the quilling paper and lay your final paper on top of it. Then you'll have the outline of your monogram.

I should have planned better because my pins were too tall. Since I didn't have any short pins to switch to, I decided to attempt a different technique. In this one you just draw the design directly on your quilling surface, glue the quilling paper down, and get started. Since the quilling paper was already pinned into an "F" shape it took nicely to being applied directly to the surface.

I ran into a major problem which you can probably spot in the gif above. The quilling glue pen I was planning to use barely dispensed any glue so the quilling paper never stayed put. The glue stick was too weak, and white glue is too messy to consider using with kids. So I tried glue dots. I've used them before with kids and after a quick intro they work great. This was very helpful and while it isn't as tidy as a drying glue it was the only way I got as far as I did in the image above.

Unfortunately, I know my boys will have no patience for this one. I couldn't even finish it. Tiny sheets of paper and stickiness of any kind was just getting me down and I quickly stopped having fun. So this one is a no go, but I'm happy I finally tried it and I'm happy the supplies didn't cost much, ha ha ha.

Let's close by admiring the super cool artists who do this well. I have a new found respect!!!