I think it's inspiring to find people who face potential challenges in creative ways. My oldest son is dyslexic. There's a few parallels between his abilities and that of these contemporary artists who are also dyslexic. This includes a strong understanding of spacial reasoning, abstract thinking, and higher order processing.

Here is an article about these dyslexic twin artists.

 Above is a video where they explain their technique---which is really cool!

Above is work by artist, GabyGaby

Here is an article about the above artist Lydia Dildilian where she speaks about her dyslexia and it's influence on her artistic practice.

Here is a PBS article about the above artist, Rebecca Kamen. She is not only dyslexic but her work is also influenced by neuroscience and creativity which is a topic that fascinates me.


The following historically important artists were dyslexic as well: Pablo Picasso, Ansel Adams, Da Vinci, Rauschenberg, Rodin, Pollock, Krasner, Close, and Warhol. I think my kiddo is definitely in good company.