One of the projects I'll be doing with the boys this summer will be making Shekeres. These are a traditional West African instrument made from a hollowed out calabash or gourd and covered with a netting of beads or shells.

The process was super easy and the cost was low. Most of the supplies are standard stuff I had in the studio and the gourd was only a couple dollars on etsy. The knotting was time consuming though so I suspect I'll be helping the boys quite a bit with that part.

Below is a painting Andy (my oldest) made. I used it as inspiration for the design on the handle of the Shekere. As you can see from the images I wood burned it, then used paint markers. The surface of the gourd is absorbent so it was an awesome surface for the paint marker.

I didn't include audio but trust me it sounds perfect! This was so super fun and easy. I can't believe I never made one before.