It was a rainy afternoon yesterday, so I made the most of it by preparing for my next projects and tidying up my supplies. It felt sooo good!

I had been planning to start a new fiber art project but wasn't sure what to do, when my friend-out of the blue-gave me these retro pattern books! How fun!

Since it started to rain and I was all excited about these books it prompted an organizational session on my yarn and thread collection.

The yarn wasn't in too bad of shape so I pulled out the few balls that had gotten out of control and re-balled them. Yarn ball winders are awesome! So fast and easy to use, I can often get kids to help me. You can find one here.

Then, it was on to the real problem: my embroidery floss. 

It had been a problem for too long. I used some of the thread organizers I already had and then used clothes pins for the rest. Now all the thread is on a holder. yay!!!

My new favorite method of thread organization is clothespins. They were easy to wind, readily available, and very inexpensive. Plus, look how totally adorable they are!

I had heard somewhere that if you set outside your thread scraps in the spring the birds will use it for their nests. Not sure if the birds will like them but I went ahead and set aside my thread scraps anyway.