My boys are doing art projects every week this summer. This week we did one of my favorites...drawing! 

I set all three of us up with easels, drawing boards, paper, and a variety of pencils. I love charcoal but I knew it would be too frustrating and messy for them. 

I started by introducing the drawing pencils and then some drawing tips regarding perspective, depth, contrast, and proportion. It was a simple and quick lesson. For Andy it was review but it was new material for Spencer.

We started with some gesture drawings of the dog......Dogs are really the best models for gesture drawings! 

After that we moved onto drawing a still life I had set up. It consisted of cacti and a couple sculpture pieces the kids had made. Organic subjects are more forgiving to draw than anything mechanical and cacti have a clean profile that I felt wouldn't be overwhelming for the boys.

Part way through Andy bruised his finger and switched to an ipad drawing program. I think his piece above turned out really great!

Spencer did a lovely minimalist piece based on the still life but I really love the disco portrait he did of me pictured below.