This past weekend we used a cubing competition (Andy speed solves rubik's cubes) as an excuse to squeeze in one final road trip before school starts. As always, a little art got in there.

I knit and knit and knit and knit so I'm sure I'll have a project of my own to share soon but here is some of what Spencer was busy doing.

He sketched the cubers as they solved. Not easy since the best cubers finish in under 10 seconds!

Spencer and I also visited the University of Michigan Art Museum where we asked ourselves: "if we could choose one piece from the museum to take home and have in our house what would it be?"

I choose this Rauschenberg piece. 

Spencer choose this video piece. The camera is on top of the monitor. In front of the camera are two dangling mirrors. The monitor displays the live feed.

The Museum is really lovely, it's not very big but it does have a great variety of art. Spencer and I really enjoyed it!

Spencer then made me an art studio in Minecraft!! It features a window wall that connects his and my studios. The crafting tables are actually for crafting, there's our dog Rocket, and a sketchbook on a lovely table. Check it out!