This week I made this funny little project bag. It's sort of weird and a little bit crazy...but I like it.

I have a couple other project bags that I made over the years. They've been a lifesaver when taking knitting or embroidery projects to the pool or playground or even around the house. Their small size also gives me the opportunity to take on ideas I'm itching to make but don't want to commit too much energy into. My projects bags all have a few key features.

  • They have to have a big handle to slip onto my arm
  • The yarn needs to have an easy way out (so no zippers or things the yarn will snag on)
  • One little pocket to hold scrap yarn
  • Small enough it can't get too heavy but big enough to hold a pair of knitting needles

These ladies were inspired by this vintage pattern that I mentioned in this post.

This is all I had to go from. The book didn't include any color images of this pattern or the pattern itself. So I used my recent visit to the Andy Warhol Museum as my color inspiration.

There it is, a little idea into something tangible this week.