Yay! I made a blanket! 

I've been knitting for about 10 years and never made a blanket. I was inspired to give it a go after flipping through all those vintage afghan books I got this summer.

I wanted to use up a bunch of my yarn stash that isn't special or fancy.---- I'm itching to try drop spindle art yarn by combining recycled natural yarn with other threads! I decided on this design because I wanted a simple project that I could take with me to cubing competitions and road trips. This blanket design worked great for that because I could knit each little element separately, combine them into squares and then crochet them all together. So it was very portable in its progress. 

I saw a blanket somewhere that had ridiculously large tassels and I LOVED it. Since this is not fancy yarn and I was eager to use up my yarn stash, it was the perfect opportunity to go jumbo!

Oh my, how sweet is Rocket! I think I just made him a new bed, well deserved I guess since he's always by my side in the studio.