Yay! I finished my cable mitts! Perfect timing too, just the other day I was outside sketching and all I found were gloves. These mitts will be perfect for my sketching adventures!

I realize the definition of the cables would be cleaner if I weren't using recycled yarn. However, these mitts are for me, and it makes me feel good to know I'm reusing discarded items. Especially since this is 100% lambs wool and very soft. 

The pattern is the Traveling Cable Hand Warmers from Purl Soho. This is the second pattern I've made from them and I'm really happy with the directions. It's very clear, prints nicely, and their site has great written and video tutorials for the different stitch abbreviations. The fit is perfect!

I've posted this project to my Ravelry account. If you're on there you can find me as Dartily. My next project will be tunisian crochet but I'm not sure if it will be a 10 stitch blanket or a pair of mittens with scandinavian inspired florals.

I made this bag for my halloween costume  using tunisian crochet and I just love how fast, easy, and unique the color changes look.