Jennifer Guidi is a contemporary painter who incorporates sand into her work. This instantly peaked my interest because I love it when sand gets into my paintings when I plein air paint.

While I liked the sand in my work because it literally brought the subject into my painting, Guidi uses it for other reasons. She uses it for the texture and to be reminiscent of playing in sand. 

Guidi's work breaks through a couple hang ups I have about contemporary art.  I believe the art world puts too much influence on physical exhibitions even when the artwork medium is digital. However, with Guidi's work I think you absolutely need to experience them in person to understand them. I think they are too subtle and textural to be fully appreciated digitally. Another issue I have with contemporary art is scale. Some pieces are big just to be big, I don't see how the scale relates to the concept. However, in Guidi's work the scale makes sense. The viewer can get completely enveloped in these flowing subtle patterns. 

I'm especially fond of the pieces below with their subtle palette.