I bumped into some interviews with Jeff Koons and I was taken by some of his quotes. 

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This video unfortunately has glitchy audio (at least on my system) so I only watched the first few minutes. In those minutes Jeff Koons had an interesting perspective on the use of Popeye as a subject in his work.

"The spinach IS art. Art can change your life, it can expand your parameters."
"I am what I am.' ...That's one of the things my art tries to communicate to people. In life we have to first learn to accept ourselves then we can have this transcendence into the acceptance of others."

I was curious to check out other interviews with Jeff Koons and found this video where he states:

"If you have vision in life you can do anything... I don't believe that people are just born with some sort of talent...it's about being able to have vision."
"Art does not happen inside objects. It happens inside the viewer."