I officially see the appeal of sock knitting now. A pair nearly complete in only a couple days!

Such quick progress! They look a bit bunchy in the picture above but that's just because they won't be blocked until they are complete.

Mentioned here, in my post last Friday, I expressed interest in revisiting sock knitting. I wanted to attempt two at a time, toe-up, magic loop socks. My blanket is getting too big to carry along to work on and from what I understand socks are a pretty quick knit once you memorize the pattern you like best. The pattern I'm following is free and can be found here.

I ordered myself a set of US1 40" circular needles, grabbed a ball of sock yarn, and got started when the needles arrived over the weekend. I'm nearly done now, I just need to do simple stockinette stitch up the leg and add a cuff. That's simple no-brainer stuff.

I really love how the toe knits up. It was really clean and easy to make. I also love the two at a time structure. It's nice to visit your pattern only once and just repeat it on both socks. I haven't had any trouble with the yarn tangling up but I think that's because I've kept the yarn cakes separate and very secure. They aren't able to bounce around at all. Look how nicely it all fits in my new-to-me tote bag! 

It's exactly the kind of project I wanted it to be. Easy pattern to memorize, small enough to take along anywhere, and able to be more complex through lace/cable patterns.

I only ran into a couple challenges. The ball of yarn I'm working from transitions in color. I thought I was going to get a similar fade going by starting one yarn cake from the center of the ball and the second yarn cake from the outside but clearly they don't match. However, it has been helpful having them be slightly different colors at this point because it makes it easier to see which sock I'm working on. Actually, I would really LOVE it if they end up in reverse fades. I might even cut and reattach the yarn to force that to happen, we'll see. Another challenge I've bumped into is what they call "ladders" forming in the stitches where the cords peak through on the sides. Simply put, it's a set of loose stitches running up the side of the sock. From what I understand that will become less of an issue as I gain more experience with tension in this technique. Finally, the heels worked out totally fine/in-line with the pattern but I don't love the look of it so I might try a different heel structure next time.

These have knit up so fast that I think I'm going to immediately start another pair when I'm done, so I can memorize the pattern. When I'm not in the studio, I'm with the kiddos running them around to different activities. It will be awesome to have this be my default on the go project I can work on when I'm with (or waiting on) them.