I've been making progress on three of my fiber art projects! 

First, I finished my two at a time/ toe up socks. 

This process was super fast and fun! This is my second pair of socks but my first using a toe up method, using a long circular needle (magic loop) and my first time knitting two at a time. I'm crazy proud of myself for figuring it out but there are several errors that I learned from:

  • I need to work on my tension so I don't have that "ladder" line up the side.
  • I need to change the direction I hold my needles after I cast on so the end of the toe is a row of knit stitch instead of a row of purl stitches. 
  • They fit but could be a bit tighter so I'd go down a few stitches next time.
  • ...and the heel! I messed up the gusset part of the heel on this pair. I've since looked up how to do a short row heel and will try that next time. 
  • The pattern called for a couple extra stitches when binding off the cuff warning that it may cause a bit of a ruffle, but I LOVE the ruffle idea and will see if I can exaggerate that further on my next pair.

Second project I've worked on is my 10 stitch tunisian crochet blanket. I've added a row and half since I talked about it last but nothing significant enough that's worth sharing.

I was very tempted to jump right into another pair of socks to fix the errors I made on the last pair, however I already had all the supplies to try following a pattern for my first shawl.

I'm just now starting the first section of the snowflake pattern. The pattern seems well written and I don't think following the lace pattern will be a big problem. I'm loving the cream color partnered with that teal and dusty pink!