Here are a couple drawings I finished recently, along with some conceptual development for my work.

The first I'll share is a colored pencil drawing. I know how I want the color to work in my drawings but I haven't totally figured out my favorite way of applying color in order to meet that vision. This piece got closer to it. I liked the quick application, and the cross hatching of the intense colors. 

I also erased the chalkboard and produced another drawing.

In the piece below I wanted to focus only on the elements of the reference photo that were most interesting to me. In this case it was the smooshing of the skin and the sensation of pressure.

I also took some time to document my huge stack of x-rays. When I was a teen I had scoliosis surgery and later when I was 20 I had a metal device put in my heart....I'm part robot, ha ha ha.

Somewhere along the line I got ahold of a stack of my x-rays from my scoliosis surgeon. They're fading fast so I was happy to carve some time to document them. Some of my favorites are: the x-ray of my hand, because I use my hands to make so much art, the faint indications of earrings on my little skull, and I have a few x-rays from a test they performed on me. In that test I was laid on an x-ray table and 3-4 big male doctors put on lead vests and pushed my body in different directions. It was in an effort to see how much correction to my curved spine they could expect from surgery. The x-rays are awesome because you can see my little twisted skeleton then these x-rays of large hands with wedding rings and big watches pushing into my ribs. It's a visual representation of how invasive and uncomfortable the entire experience was.

Anyway, when I saw the photos of the x-rays in my computer beside the chalkboard drawings I realized they were part of the reason I'm attracted to the aesthetics of my chalkboard drawings.

I knew the chalkboard drawings conceptually had ties to my surgery experiences. Ideas like what we leave behind, permanence, and memory, but I hadn't connected the visual similarities of the two. I'm going to explore this further, maybe by layering my drawings or reversing the contrast.