I got a couple colored pencil drawings off the easel recently. 

I'm very happy with this first one.

I like how the jacket is left simple and I like the crazy colors. I'm also happy with my contrast, it's light but that's what I wanted for this piece. It should be calm and relaxed. I think it has enough detail to stay focused on it while also being quiet enough to be peaceful.

This second piece was done twice.

The one above was my first effort. I wanted this piece to be calm and pretty like the first one posted, but with a more limited palette featuring a bright green, deep red, and ochre. The black shape to the left of her face was a shadow and hair. Clearly the ink got out of control and it lost all dimension. So I traced my image on a new sheet of paper and made the one below.

I think I got a little timid with the ink after the first effort because this one looks a bit too light. However, I did want it to be gentle, delicate and calm so I will consider it off the easel for now and move onto the next idea that inspires.