Today, I learned of the politically charged art of Patrick Brill of Bob and Roberta Smith.

Patrick Brill is a contemporary artist who primarily uses text, music and performance as his medium. On his signage pieces he uses discarded wood and building materials as his surface. On which, he hand letters sayings and slogans. Elevating simple statements. This line of work is discussed in this documentary. "Make Your Own Damn Art."

Some of my key take aways from the film.

  • Make Art Not War, Don't Hate Draw
  • Art should be made by everybody, or else you get written out of history
  • Everyone should make and have their own art gallery
  • "Art is not easy. Easy art is not good art. Art that is too easily understood requires no journey for the viewer. Art is about the appreciation of ambiguity. Only when people realize what unites us is huge and wonderful; and what divides us is small and mean will people live peacefully."
  • Make your own damn art I won't make it for  you.

His website includes a couple more documentaries and projects including the "Art Party" political party, his run for office, and how he petitions to preserve a town by arguing that it is an "art school".