Carol Eckert was born on April 25th. She started her art career as a painter but switched to fiber arts after teaching a class at a community art center. 

Carol's work follows themes of animal symbolism and mythology. She incorporates the cultural representation of bird varieties; and animals such as foxes and wolves. While coiling and wire has traditionally been used for vessels, Carol pulls from her experience as a painter using the medium for pictorial works.

I typically choose inspiring quotes from artists featured in the Happy Birthday posts. However, Carol's quote below appealed to me not because it was especially inspiring but because I can relate. As artists we need to work with media that allows us to be expressive; but there's also the ever important factor that it needs to fit within our lifestyle. 

"...with the coiling, I could pick it up and put it down. ... in those days, if I could grab 30 minutes here and two hours there, I could still make progress in a day, and it was so much less frustrating.... I spent plenty of time sitting in cars while kids were at lessons, making pieces; I can get work done on airplanes. So it fit into my life; it's also my kind of coiling. It doesn't need water; it's not messy, so it fit very nicely into the studio space I had and into the whole fabric of my life." -Carol Eckert