Check out this awesome website that provides free guidance on how to design exhibitions that are accessible to all.

I've worked in several non-profit organizations that provide art exhibitions. When applying for grants important work such as increased accessibility features gets included. However, once the funds are received and other sources of income are lower than expected, it's these good-natured and important ventures that get pushed aside. Instead they try to woo big time funders through events and projects they would find attractive. What we miss are inclusive signage, sensory maps, and trigger warnings that if incorporated would provide a more welcoming experience for all. 

The website was designed by Courtney Sass, and I'm incredibly proud to say I worked with Courtney while she developed this research. She has thoughtfully explained how to best refer to and meet the needs of a variety of disabilities. Most of her suggestions are free and wouldn't cost the museum anything except a little extra time. The information is presented so clearly that additional staff training isn't necessary. Please check it out even if you don't design exhibitions because it will help you share your interests with this significant portion of the population.