I finished some vacation knitting this week and am working towards an all new kind of knitting challenge!

For spring break we flew to the Pacific Northwest! Naturally, I had to bring along some projects.

At home, I have a shawl pattern in the works and my tunisian blanket, however, neither of those projects would travel well. The shawl I've been working on requires some concentration and is on sharp metal needles. The blanket is too big at this point to carry around. It's best to work on while watching tv with the boys.

So, for this trip I started a new piece using some pretty yarn I got for free from a neighbor. While some people get away with metal needles on a plane I was too nervous they would take them away from me so I picked a pattern that I could use my wooden circulars with. I also chose a pattern that wasn't very complicated since I knew I'd be working on the go. I finished the project (see picts below) near the end of my trip and cast on a second easy shawl pattern using the same needles while on the return flight. 

I have another trip coming up next week and will bring that second vacation shawl I started. I'll also be bringing my knit design challenge homework! 

Aroha Knits is a knit designer that introduced a 10 day learn to design knit-ware challenge. It's not the best timing since it falls between two trips (and some household renovations!) but I am really interested in learning more about knit design. 

The first step was choosing inspiration for the design. I chose my chalkboard drawings. I dyed the grey yarn with black dye to give it more color variation. The red yarn is inspired by the tag on the tray of the chalkboard I use. It's subtle on the board and will be used sparingly in my knit design. I'm so excited to select some stitch patterns to go with it. I'm hoping to have some awesome work to share in the coming weeks.